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First Sunday of Lent | Mark 4:1-11

28 February, 2020


Lord Jesus Christ, you refused to turn stones into bread. Save us from using our power, however little, to satisfy the demands of selfishness in the face of the needs of others.

Lord Jesus Christ, you refused to leap from the temple top. Save us from displaying our skills, however modest, to win instant popularity in the face of nobler calls on our abilities.

Lord Jesus Christ, you refused to bend the knee to a false god. Save us from offering our devotion, however weak, to cheap and easy religion in the face of the harder path on which you bid us to follow you.

Saviour of the World, you saw Satan masquerading as an angel of light and shunned him. Give us wisdom to discern behind each subtle temptation the ploy of the prince of darkness; and in the face of all that is hellishly attractive, help us to choose the will of God. Amen.

(Stages on the Way, Worship resources for Lent, Holy Week & Easter, p. 38)