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St. Paul of the Cross for the young … (& old!)

8 March, 2020


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2020 Lent Easter Message | Superior General

8 March, 2020


[Exterior of St. Mungo’s Passionist Church, Glasgow (Scotland)]

Read the 2020 Lent Easter Message of the Passionist Superior General, Most Rev. Joachim Rego, C.P.

2020 Lent Easter Message of the Superior General

Second Sunday of Lent |Mt 17:1-9

8 March, 2020


A reflection by Fr. George Koloth, C.P., St. Joseph’s Monastery, Highgate (London)

The transfiguration experience of Jesus on the mountain has been often referred to as liminal space. A liminal space caN be described as a threshold from one space to another space. It is the space of the in-between. And it is my favourite distance between the already and the not yet!

Our lives are punctuated with lots of liminal spaces: a graduation, the time between job transitions, the time when you are separated from your spouse but not yet divorced, a woman in labour, waiting rooms at the hospital, airports, the time between the death of a loved one and their burial. The list could go on and on. It is a space of intense waiting! We hardly pay any attention to these spaces in our lives or rather they are disregarded very often because they are transitory space and are never intended to be permanent.

On that mountain, Peter desires to make that liminal space permanent, but it was never intended to be. Jesus and his disciples were ushered into liminal space, a threshold, a place that was unfamiliar and it helped prepare them for all the experiences that were coming their way,  but it was never supposed to be a space for them to exist permanently.

Because of their overwhelming nature and unfamiliarity, liminal space can be scary, uncomfortable and uncertain. We often are tempted to set up shop and stay or flee from it as quickly as possible. However, when we are able to honour these spaces in our lives, not matter how uncomfortable, they are can prepare us for our journey ahead.

Many a liminal space can I identity in my life.  What’s your liminal space experience?


May the God of both the mountaintop and the valley below lift your eyes to see glory wherever you go. May the Lord accompany you and open your mind to the mystery of his presence. May the Spirit, the source of transformation and life, guide you to be people of light.

Link – The Passionists, St. Joseph’s Monastery, Highgate (London)