A gesture of companionship .. Pope Francis


Among the Covid-19 tragedies there are the people who die alone, in isolation, without the love of their relatives who cannot get close in order not to be infected. These are heartbreaking scenes that are happening on a daily basis in the hospitals, in Bergamo, Brescia and Cremona. Some, just before dying, send their final goodbyes to the wife, husband, children, through the nurses. What are the thoughts crossing your mind and your heart?

Pope Francis replies –

“These days, they told me a story that really struck and grieved me, also because it represents what is happening in the hospitals. An elderly woman realised she was about to die and wanted to say goodbye to her loved ones: the nurse took the phone and video-called the woman’s granddaughter, so the old woman saw her granddaughter’s face and could die with this consolation. This is the ultimate need to have a hand taking your hand. To have a last gesture of companionship. And many nurses accompany this extreme wish with their ears, by listening to the pain of loneliness, holding hands. The pain of those who left without saying goodbye becomes a wound in the heart of those who remain. I thank all these nurses, doctors and volunteers who despite the extraordinary fatigue bend with patience and kindness of their heart to make up for the forced absence of the patients’ families”.

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