Prayer to the Holy Spirit, the Wild One


Spirit, Wild One,
sweeping in, unseen, unannounced,
unexpected, uncompromising
pressing through the door
startling those hovering in fear
shaking them out of the corners,
awakening concealed gifts.

Spirit, Wild One,
relentless loving presence,
bringing strength to the weak,
courage to the fearful,
determination to the doubtful,
joy to the disheartened,
faith to the disbelieving.

Spirit, Wild One,
come whirling into my soul space,
gathering what remains in disarray,
lift up what is neglected,
send forth what wants to holdback,
impassion what hesitates,
heal what remains wounded.

Spirit, Wild One,
breathe large gusts in me,
sweeping through my being,
drench me with hope,
soften my resistance,
wrap your love around me
until I welcome you fully.

Prayer Seeds | Joyce Rupp, p175

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