1 July | Passionist Feast of the Precious Blood


Come, let us adore Christ the Son of God, who redeemed us by his blood.

“In the world innocent human blood is continually being spilt. The hearts of men are often full of hate rather than evangelical love, they often contain disdain and arrogance rather than care for mankind. I ask you to pray that modern humanity may experience the power of the Blood of Christ, spilt on the Cross for our salvation.” (Pope Benedict XVI)


Lord our God, the precious blood of your Son has redeemed us. Watch over the gifts your love has given us. Keep before our eyes the mystery of Christ that we may reap its harvest in all its richness. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


From the resources of the divine blood come remission of sins, victory over temptations, power over hell and the grace to love God until death. In this blood, sinners find the will to undergo conversion and the just find strength to persevere. The blood feeds the zeal of apostles and sustains the courage of martyrs. (From the book The Month Sanctified by St. Vincent Strambi, C.P.)


May the blood of Christ bring me to everlasting life.

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