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Impelled and Inspired …

9 June, 2009

[Photo: Our Lady of the Passion, Passionist Retreat Centre Chapel, Detroit USA]

Impelled by the Spirit, we are brought together as a community of love to carry out the mission mandated to us by the Church. Together we undertake the arduous journey of faith, seeking to explore the depths of the mystery of God. Together we share the same hope: that we shall contact in our lives the living God Who draws us to Himself. We want our journey through life to proclaim that hope to all. In this we are inspired by the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the handmaid of the Lord; like her we trust the Lord, joyfully confident that even our weakness can show forth to the world the saving ways of God.

Passionist Constitutions, Number 8

1984-2009 Celebrating 25 years of the Passionist Constitutions

8th June 1899 The Stigmata

8 June, 2009

On 8th June 1899 St. Gemma Galgani received the Stigmata at No. 3 Via del Biscione, Lucca, in St. Fridian’s Parish where she was then living with her family.

“Nothing could exceed Gemma’s pain and perplexity at finding herself marked externally with the signs of our Redemption. She wished to keep it all hidden; but she was in the midst of the world, surrounded by distinguished people, obliged to go out of doors at least twice a day to church, and meanwhile her wounds remained bleedly freely. What was to be done? She thought all night and in the morning tried to rise; but on putting her feet to the ground, so excruciating was the agony she suffered she thought she would die of it. She got up however, and dragging herself rather than walking she went to the Church for Communion. On coming home, besides her anguish at not being able to hide what had happened, her perplexity was great at not knowing what the wounds on her body meant.”

The Life of St. Gemma Galgani by Fr. Germano, C.P., p. 60

A sign and a constant reminder …

6 June, 2009

Baptism immerses us in the flood of divine power welling up from the death and resurrection of Jesus, and consecrates us as members of the people of God. This consecration we reaffirm, and resolve to live a fuller life through our religious profession, faithful to these Constitutions. Each of us welcomes the invitation God gives us to be a sign and a constant reminder of the values of His Kingdom.

Passionist Constitutions, Number 7

1984-2009 Celebrating 25 years of the Passionist Constitutions

A special vow …

6 June, 2009

We express our participation in the Passion by a special vow, which is at once personal, communitarian, and apostolic. Through this vow we bind ourselves to keep alive the memory of the Passion of Christ . By word and deed we strive to foster awareness of its meaning and value for each person and for the life of the world. By this vow our Congregation takes her place in the Church so as to dedicate herself fully to its mission. In the light of this, we seek to incorporate this vow into our daily lives by living the evangelical counsels. Then, as we relive the memory of the Passion of Christ today, our communities become a leaven of salvation in the Church and in the world.

Passionist Constitutions, Number 6

1984-2009 Celebrating 25 years of the Passionist Constitutions

Brother Jeff Daly C.P.

5 June, 2009

Brother Jeff Daly C.P.
Born Adelaide 31st October 1943
Died Sydney 31st May 2009

“When you see death approaching, take courage. For those who love God, death is not death, but life” – St. Paul of the Cross, Founder of the Passionists