2017 Lent – The Call to Repentance

4 March, 2017


Read the 2017 Lenten Circular Letter of the Passionist Superior General

the-call-to-repentance-superior-general (.pdf)

Have mercy on me, O God

2 March, 2017

The Season of Lent

2 March, 2017


Lent is a time for remembering. It is the time to reflect and ask ourselves what we would be if God had closed his doors to us. What would we be without his mercy that never tires of forgiving us and always gives us the chance to begin anew? Lent is the time to ask ourselves where we would be without the help of so many people who in a thousand quiet ways have stretched out their hands and in very concrete ways given us hope and enabled us to make a new beginning.

Lent is the time to start breathing again. It is the time to open our hearts to the breath of the One capable of turning our dust into humanity.

– Pope Francis, Ash Wednesday 2017

Embracing the Cross ….

23 February, 2017

“You do not fear the Cross of Christ. Instead, you love and venerate it because it is the sign of the Redeemer who died and rose again for us. Those who believe in Jesus, crucified and risen, carry the cross in triumph as an indisputable proof that God is love. With the total gift of himself on the Cross, our Saviour decisively conquered sin and death. Therefore we joyfully proclaim: “Glory and praise to you, O Christ, who has redeemed the world by your Cross.” Saint John Paul II, Homily, 24th March 2002

“On the Cross, Jesus died for each one of us. The Cross, therefore, is the greatest and most eloquent sign of his merciful love, the one sign of salvation for every generation and for all humanity.” Saint John Paul II, Homily, 4th April 2004

“Of course the message that the Cross communicates is not easy to understand in our day and age in which material well being and conveniences are offered and sought as priority values. But you, dear young people, do not be afraid to proclaim the Gospel of the Cross in every circumstance. Do not be afraid to swim against the tide.” Saint John Paul II, Homily, 4th April 2004

Mass of the Solemn Commemoration of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ

22 February, 2017

From the Sacramentary of the Congregation of the Passion

mass-solemn-commemoration-of-the-passion (.pdf)