Black Scapular of the Passion

The Black Scapular of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ is distinguished from other Scapulars in this way: It is made of black cloth, having on the front the figure of a Heart surmounted by a White Cross. In the centre of the Heart are the letters: JESU .. XPI .. PASSIO .. meaning: “The Passion of Jesus Christ.” Beneath these letters are three nails. They represent the nails that pierced the Hands and Feet of Jesus.

On the second half of the Scapular is a picture of Jesus on the Cross. On the two halves of the Scapular, in each corner, appear a Chalice, a Veil with Christ’s Face imprinted on it, a Crown of Thorns, and a stone Column to which Christ was bound and beaten with whips. On the lower part of each half of the Scapular there appears this Latin sentence: “Sit Semper in Cordibus Nostris.” This means: “May it [Christ’s Passion] be always in our hearts.”

The Scapular represents, in a small size, the habit in which St. Paul of the Cross, Founder of the Passionists, saw himself clothed during a vision. This vision was bestowed upon him during the time he was cherishing the design of founding a new Congregation, to be devoted in a special manner to the sufferings and death of Jesus.

59 Responses to “Black Scapular of the Passion”

  1. eugeblacks Says:

    I’ve just been to italy and could not find one anywhere in all of the Passionist shrines. Where can you get one?

  2. PAUL YEMBE Says:

    “Praised Be JESUS CHRIST”
    Greetings from Cameroon.
    You can make scapulars yourself! All you need is a little imagination and genuine interest in the Devotion – and OUR LORD who sees the secret of the heart will Bless YOU!
    With Black wool, you can download a photo of the Black scapular of the Passion from the internet : cut and sew unto your Black Wool.

    The Black Scapular of the Passion can only be worn by those enrolled in the Passionist Confraternity, or invested on you by one who has been authorized bya Passionist Superior.
    If you really want to wear the Black Scapular of the Passion – contact the Confraternity and you will be given a certificate.
    The certificate means you have been enrolled and invested with the Black Scapular of the Passion where a Priest or whoever stood for you at the ceremony of Investment.
    Pray and Our Lady will help you!
    THANK YOU! and May God Reward You for Showing Interest in His Passion to Redeem us from sin, death and hell.
    How Blest Are You!
    “Praised Be JESUS CHRIST For Ever More”

  3. Vincent Ellis-Brown Says:

    I wish to become enrolled as a member of the Conraternity, and wear the black Scapular. I live in the South of England ( Sussex ) and do not know who to contact, nor where I may obtain a Scapular. Can you help?


  4. Patrick Says:

    I too wish to wear this scapular and become a Passionist one day.

    Can you please let me know where to get one?

  5. VIERA Says:

    Ja by som tiez chcela tento skapuliar a byt clenkou, objednala som si zo sanktuaria sv. gemmy kriz ,moze nahradit tento skapuliar?ako mozem ziskat clenstvo som zo slovenska.

  6. Kristen Says:

    To join the Passionist Confraternity see:
    They have wonderful info on their site. Unfortunately they don’t mention whether or not the Black Scapulars are available from them or not.

  7. Kristen Says:

    Before joining you should read about membership and the rule for Confraternity members so you know more about it and can make a decision whether or not to actually join. I forgot to mention that in last post.

  8. denis Says:

    i wish to take part too, but i live in Brazil…how can I find a confraternity here in my country…could you send a black scapularay?


    As Kristen Says, visit the!
    You can request Enrollment on their ONLINE FORM or Via their Contact Email.
    I did my Enrollment so & it was free of charge – though I live in (Cameroon) Africa. They sent me a CERTIFICATE of Enrollment without any problems.

    Or you can visit website:
    I requested my Black Passionist Scapular from there through their REQUEST INFORMATION form. Their Contact!
    Or Contact specifically: Dr. Salvatore J.
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  10. Justin Reany Says:

    I have recently found a site that sells great quality black scapulars. They do not have the images of the Passionist Heart, but are completely black and made of 100% wool. The site is as follows []. This is the only place I could find these scapulars! I hope this helps! God Bless! JXP!

  11. PAUL YEMBE Says:

    The Black Scapular of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ is distinguished from other scapulars in that it is made from black cloth, and must be oblong in construction. An oval or circular form has been prohibited (S.C. Indul. August 18, 1868, Dec. 423). Its principal emblem to be worn over the breast is the Passionist Sign or Badge, viz. the figure of a white heart, surmounted by a cross, with the inscription JESU XPI PASSIO (The Passion of Jesus Christ): with three nails underneath, the whole in white upon a black background.
    If you are still having trouble, contact me:
    Paul Yembe(
    The Brown Scapular, Carmelites
    Blue Scapular, Theatines and
    Black Scapular, Servites; do not need to have images on them!!!
    What Justin Reany saw in the above website was surely the Black Scapular, Servites.

  12. PAUL YEMBE Says:

    “Praised Be JESUS CHRIST”


    This Year of the PRIESTHOOD of Our Lord JESUS CHRIST, we Passionists and lovers of the Holy Mother – Mediatrix of ALL GRACE should really by CHASTE life; e’en isn’t all that easy!!! Protect OUR HOLY VICAR of CHRIST whose Priests are betraying the Tabernacle of YAHWEH with the Awful Abomination of INCULTURATION…the Deceased are FORGOTTEN OVERNIGHT and SECURITY used as a BY-WORD for ABORTION and the Murderous Breath of IMPURITY!



  13. Robert Andrews Says:

    If Is possible could you send me a black scapular to wear w/ my brown scapular. I would be willing to buy it. May God Bless you!

  14. eugeblacks Says:

    Ave Maria/Laus Crucis,
    I cant believe so huge a response to this site. as yet I have gotten no further with this but it has been on my mind lately that I should. thankyou for so much info Paul Yembe. wow you love our lord so much he will surely bless you abundantly!
    in JXP

  15. sherri Says:

    IS IT POSSIBLE to send me a black scapular,

  16. Val Cedric Sempio Says:

    i want to ask for black scapular. . . . .
    my address is 608-C Centro ext.sampaloc,manila
    1008 manila phillipines

  17. roberto biancu Says:

    i want to ask for black scapular..I’m an italian seminarist and I love the passionist’s spirituality. Mi address is PONTIFICIO SEMINARIO REGIONALE SARDO DEL SACRO CUORE DI GESU’, VIA PARRAGUEZ 19, O9191 CAGLIARI (ITALY)
    sent me a mail for the answer.May God bless you..thanks

  18. Francis Says:

    hi guys! This is a bit weird but on the International Passionist Confraternity website do you have to give your house address or can you be invested and enrolled by email alone? Thanks!

  19. Brenda Flateau Says:

    I am happy to find this site. I am trying to receive information about becoming a member. I have had difficulty signing up on the Passionist Confraternity website. Can some one help me? Also I have a Passionist scapular and want to wear it, however there isn’t a monastery nearby, can my Priest to it? I hope my questions can find answers. I love the Passion. I have been told I’m too old (70yrs.) however I am in great heath, thanks to Jesus..God bless you all and thank you, Brenda

  20. Thos. J. Troter OblSBCam Says:

    Brenda, enrollment in the Black Scapular can be done by a priest.
    If you write to The Confraternity of the Passion or google and email
    them they will delegate the faculty to enroll you. I was. The Scapular
    is seperate from the Confraternity with it`s own indulgences. There
    was a special prayer sent to me by Fr. Joseph Guzinski CP His address is 8645 Edgerton Blvd. Jamaica NY 11432-2936. If you write to him he will send you the authorization and prayer. God Bless

  21. Brenda Flateau Says:

    Thank you very much for the information. I have tried to Email The Confraternity of the Passion and had some difficulty sending the Email. Is there another way to contact The Confraternity about membership? I am so grateful for your help. It seems hopeless when you can’t find answers..God bless you, Brenda..P.S. Me being 70yrs. old would not be a draw back in becoming a member?

  22. Maria-Dolores Igbeyi Says:

    thank God i stumbled on this blog,i do want to join too,i will visit the site aand check it out later becos today is good friday, i wnt to minimise my pinging and meditate more on our Lady aand Her Son.but i am excited abt
    hearing of this Scapular, becos I and my family
    members are brown Scapular wearers.I will happily
    Spread this particular devotion in my country
    Ghana and my Husbands Country to which is
    Nigeria bcos there are so many devotees to
    The brown Scapular.
    Thank you very much Yembe

  23. Maria-Dolores Says:

    thank you for this i would love to be vested with it too i am a devotee of our Lady and i wear the brown scapula and have in my pocession the Crux ave Scapular but i would really love to wear this one too as i am really inlove with Gemma Galgani and St.Gabriel of the Cross, nowhere to buy it here will write them first,Gd bless

  24. Tom T Says:

    To join the Confraternity of The Scared Passion: Send your name and address and a donation to cover the cost and make sure you request a Black Scapular to the following.

    Confraternity of The Passion
    St. Paul of The Cross Monastery
    148 Monastery Ave.
    Pittsburg Pa. 15203-1498

  25. Itnalde Vacolralo Says:

    O que significam as letras XPI

  26. Brenda Flateau Says:

    I truly love this site. I too have inquired about being inducted in the Confraternity of the Scared Passion. I have material on the rules and I am in agreement. How do I become a member and receive the true Passionist Black Scapular. I wear my brown scapular and would wear the Black Scapular with it. I saw one but it was felt and paper which wouldn’t hold up long. My Brown Scapular is 100% wool and the images are fabric.Saint Gemma and Saint Gabriel and my true Heavenly Friends. I also follow Fr. Cedric on T.V. Please help me to become a member. A follower of the Passion,Brenda

  27. Lois Mahowald Says:

    Where might we find the enrollment prayers for the Black scapular of Our Lady of Sorrows or the Servite scapular? Are they the same scapular?
    Also the enrollment for St.Joseph’s purple and gold scapular?

  28. Brenda Flateau Says:

    I am also very interested in the enrollment of the Black Scapular as is Lois. I was given the Rules to read for the Passionist, but I do not know what to now. Please help.

  29. gary bevans Says:

    Gemma pray for me l am in your service

  30. Gwen Brown Says:

    i was lead to your site by the Holy Spirit. I want to know more about the rules of the Passionist and the black scapular can you help me

    • Alec Says:

      Gwen, you and anyone else who comes to this site and wants to obtain a black scapular, or join the Confraternity of the Passion, or learn more about the Passionists can contact me at this e-mail address: I am a friend of Fr. Guzinski and would be glad to be of help to anyone who has a devotion to the Passion! May Christ’s peace be with you, Gwen!

  31. diane carol Says:

    God bless all of you on this website. I thank all for such informative comments. about the passion of our Lord. Hope to write to some of you some day.

  32. diane carol Says:

    black scapular for me….

  33. Asp. John Ladice Tumbagahon Says:

    I have my black scapular and i hope to be invested tomorrow on the feast of St. PAUL FO THE CROSS. but there are no passionist priest in our area (canlubang, Laguna, Philippines). But according to this website, any priest can bless Black scapular. Can I be invested by my Salesian priest formator?

    see :

  34. Boata Says:

    I just enquire for this black scapular because it will help my community from any harm, or against black magic which most poeple from my country used black magic to kill someone. This black scapular which I trust will protect my community. We could not afford it because we have a limited cash in our hand further more we are a far country, (Kiribati) from this website.
    To whom it may concern:
    Is it possible if you provide enough black scapulars to my community (about 200) ?
    Thank you
    God Bless this website.

  35. Gwen Brown Says:

    I would also like to have some black scapulars

  36. Honesty Says:

    I bought something on e-bay and as a free gift i was given the Black scapular,in a red velvet white lace rosary case..I was given the Black heart magnet you put in your car or on your refrigerator..I also obtained a pectoral cross with the Passion heart at the Bottom and a black heart pin ..I also received the Black Crucifix pendent ..I was in the middle of selling the Scapular on i thought maybe Jesus is trying to tell me something here. What do you all think?

  37. Honesty Says:

    Get one here

  38. Honesty Says:

    get other Passionist items here

  39. Joseph Says:

    NONONO! I have a few left. I can send you one if you send a SASE. However, please note: You must be properly invested in this scapular as this is for members of the Confraternity of the Passion.

    • Keith Says:

      Joseph, Just wondering if you have any Passionist Scapulars left. I am an official member of the Passionist Confraternity (by Fr. Don Ware, C.P.). The scapular I have now has lost the images, and a strap broke. I’m going to sew it for now, but it is in increasingly sorry shape. Finding one anywhere seems practically impossible for some reason, even with the Passionists! There are a few that are exorbitantly priced, but I am a poor fellow with a family; 25 – 200 bucks for a scapular is beyond my means. Anyway, if you have any, how could I get you an SASE?

  40. Joseph Says:

    Sure email me your address to:

    Joseph Williams
    9715 Cherry Street
    Oakland, Ca 94603



  41. John-Camillus Says:

    Hi. I reside in Nigeria. Please how do I get the Passionist Scapular? Please email me at: God bless.

  42. Keith Says:

    Hi Joseph–I only just now saw this! Somehow I never saw your reply in my email. If you still have them, I will send out an SASE this Monday–even if I do not hear back from you I will send it out, it’s worth a few stamps just in case yo do have one left to send. Jesus and Mary bless you….

  43. Anthony Says:

    I’ve emailed around 6 Passionists last month, and no replies! If anyone knows where I can get one, please email me.

    • Keith Says:

      I’ve been trying to get a new one as well, and can find one no where, nor have I received replies about this. As a confraternity member, and as a brother in Christ, I highly encourage the Passionist leadership to do something about this. Right now, it seems we members cannot obtain (thus wear) a scapular of the Confraternity to which we belong! This would also seem to in some deprive members of some sort of grace, at the very least the grace of wearing it which brings remembrance one does belong to the Passionists. What would St. Gemma say of this? I’ve been waiting for about a year for replies or help in this regard. The only one I can find are, for a poor family man, ridiculous prices of 30 bucks or so on Ebay.

      • Joseph Says:

        Keith et al Readers,

        I used to wear the Passionist Scapular faithfully until mine just fell to shreds and could no longer be repaired. Plus, the image just wore away over time as well. I’ve contacted the Superior General of the Passionist Order in Rome, and he told me the scapular is no longer used and the medal has replaced the scapular.

        Now, I know some (including myself) are attached to the cloth scapular. But then I guess the question to ask is Why? Yes, I think there is something very special about a scapular – it’s a sacred garment and there’s something comforting about being “clothed” in a garment, even if it’s just a small piece of cloth. I am aware of the vision of St. Paul of the Cross of the Mother of God, who gave him the habit with the Passionist Heart, etc. However, strictly speaking, Our Lady gave him the habit, not a scapular. The scapular was more of an extension of the habit. Therefore, it could be “revoked” or “replaced” upon the decision of the Order. The Passionist Scapular is an “emblem” or habit associated with the Order, as I’m sure most of you know. So, if the Order has discontinued the use of the cloth scapular, shouldn’t we just accept that this sacramental is no longer available? Does this disappoint me? Yes, but that’s the reality.

        On another note, I think the Passionist Community (at least here int he U.S.) is very disorganized, but that’s probably because it’s a small(er) order compared to the Carmelites or Dominicans. The Passionists just don’t have a central “clearinghouse” for things like books and sacramentals. Some Passionist Communities still have left over scapulars while others have never even seen one! Go figure.

        BTW, I have a few left, but the ones I have have a paper image against felt. It will disintegrate after a few wearings. That’s why I just stopped wearing it.


      • Keith Says:

        Thanks Joseph–this is the first I have heard of the scapular of the Passion no longer being the norm. I had no idea. I’ve never heard of an order dropping their scapular. For example, the Carmelite Brown Scapular is still the norm, while one could wear a medal instead; but the scapular is still the norm. Thanks for the update, it is much appreciated! Now to find a medal…I do like the scapular better, but if they want to go with a medal (and the medal of course would mean and impart the same symbolism and also graces as the scapular anyway), then of course we should be obedient to that decision.

      • Joseph Says:

        Hi Keith,

        I believe the Passionist Scapular was more of an “invention” by the Passionist Order, to share their charism with the laity. The Passionist habit doesn’t have a scapular, at least I’ve never seen it, and I’ve never met a Passionist that wore the Passionist Scapular under their habit. I’ve asked and very few Passionist Priest or Brothers really know about it. Interestingly, a Passionist Brother email me, asking me to send him a Passionist Scapular 🙂

        If you want one of the ones I have left, just email me your address and I’ll mail it to you w/the Rite of Investiture, too. My email is:

      • Gertrude Says:

        I would speak to the priest at the monastery during my next visit. Most of the priest are getting old and sick.
        Please be patient with them
        Many Blessings

  44. Keith Says:

    I meant, “in some sense deprive members”

  45. Keith Says:

    Just found this: $7.25–still a lot for a piece of thin cloth that will shortly break. Why no high quality, lasting scapulars anywhere?

  46. Keith Says:

    Where does one get a medal that replaces the Passionist Scapular? I’m not finding anything in that regard…grateful for any help. Joseph, I’m guessing you wold have an idea–or at least could upload a photo of it or give a description.

  47. Joseph Says:

    Hi Keith,

    The medal that I have, I found on eBay a long time ago. I was sent some Passionist medals from Rome, but they are more like keychains that I guess you could wear as a medal. I can send you one of you’d like.

  48. Keith Says:

    Hi Joseph–just sent you an email. Yes, I would be grateful for the medal/keychain as well! Much appreciated. Interestingly, I had a short correspondence with the Passionist Sisters in Lucca, and I asked them for a scapular (I think that’s what I had asked–this was a few years ago now), but being unsure of what I was asking in bad Italian they sent me an actual Passionist emblem, either from one of their habits or one from a priest’s or brother’s habit or one simply they had as a spare. Very special. A happy miscommunication! I keep it in my coat pocket.

  49. Dennis Noble Says:

    Dennis Noble
    4400 Dallas Drive Apt E
    Oxnard CA 93033-7466
    I need a scapular

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