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26th January 2011

26 January, 2011

“Never be wanting in confidence in the Divine assistance; that would be doing a great injury to the Father of all mercies. Take courage, and feel sure that God will not abandon you, and will give you all that is necessary.” (St. Paul of the Cross)

2011 Passionist Family Youth Meeting

23 January, 2011

Read information about the Passionist Family Youth Meeting scheduled to take place during the 2011 Madrid World Youth Day  here

In the Hands of God

22 January, 2011

He who rises after his falls with great confidence in God and a profound humility of heart, will become in the Hands of God an instrument for great things. (St. Paul of the Cross)

Passionist Nuns

21 January, 2011

Passionist Vocations USA

21 January, 2011