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Being prepared for the Cross

21 April, 2010

Here I am in Rome embracing the Holy Cross for my beloved Jesus. I already forsee many trials, but I trust that in God we will overcome all of them. Next week the Constitutions go to the Sacred Congregation. I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I hope it will be good. I am not prepared for anything except for strong and close embraces of the Holy Cross. [From the Letters of St. Paul of the Cross]

PASPAC Novices in Adelaide, Australia

9 April, 2010

The six PASPAC Passionist Novices from China and Vietnam with Fr. Tomy Kanjiranthinkal C.P. (Vice Novice Master) and Fr. Gary Perritt C.P.

The Novices: Br. Peter FangĀ , Bro. Joseph Zhang, Bro Thomas Thanh, Bro Matthew Qin Ta, Bro. Vincent Khanh and Bro. Peter Truc.

Welcome to the Novitiate and welcome to Australia!