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Bishop John Bosco Auram, Bishop of Kimbe PNG

27 January, 2020

Congratulations to Bishop John Bosco Auram who was ordained as the new Bishop of the Diocese of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea, on 25th January 2020. Bishop John Bosco Auram is the brother of Fr. John Auram, C.P., from the Passionist Holy Spirit Province (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam).

Bishop Auram

Bishop John Bosco Auram was born on 19 October 1972 in the village of Kandoka, Province of West New Britain (which formed part of the Archdiocese of Rabaul and now belongs to Kimbe). He began his formation at the Saint Peter Chanel Minor Seminary in Ulapia, and then completed his philosophical and theological studies at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Rapolo. He was ordained a priest on 17 January 2004, for the clergy of the diocese of Kimbe, the second ordained priest after the creation of the see.

Since his ordination to the priesthood he has held the following positions: Parish Vicar of Kimbe Cathedral (2004-2005); Vice-Rector of the Minor Seminary of Saint John Vianney of Vanimo (2005-2007); Vice-Rector of the Major Seminary of Saint Charles Borromeo of Vanimo (2007-2008); six months of pastoral work in the parish of Kaiai (2008-2009); Formator and Professor at the Saint Peter Chanel Minor Seminary in Ulapia and at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Rapolo (2009-2011); Parish Priest of Silanga, Diocese of Kimbe (2011-2012); studies at the Institute of Priestly Formation in Omaha (U.S.A.) and at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University in Rome, and pastoral ministry in the parish of Turuk, Kimbe (2012-2013); Formator at the Holy Spirit Major Seminary in Bomana (2013-2015); pastoral ministry in the parish of Sara, Kimbe (2015-2016); studies for the Licentiate in Pastoral Theology at the University of Santo Tomas of Manila, serving as spiritual director in the seminary of Manila (2016-2019); and since 2019, Acting Rector of the Sacred Heart Seminary (currently propaedeutic) of Rapolo, in the Archdiocese of Rabaul.

Bishop John Bosco Auram – Catholic Hierarchy

Australia Day – 26th January 2020

26 January, 2020



Grant, we pray, O Lord our God,
that as the Cross shines in our southern skies,
so may Christ bring light to our nation, to its peoples old and new,
and by saving grace, transform our lives.

Prayer over Offerings
As we come before you with the fruits of the earth,
tended by our hands, O Lord,
we pray that these offerings may bring a blessing on our land
and peace to all who dwell here.

Prayer after Communion
May our partaking of this sacrificial meal, O Lord,
grant us strength to walk together in the ways of justice,
and behold one day the new heavens and new earth
you prepare for us in Christ your Son.

In Memory of Fr. Ray Brain, C.P., RIP

19 January, 2020

18-25 Jan: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

16 January, 2020

2020 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Date Claimer! 21-24 September 2021

16 January, 2020

One of the events to celebrate the 300 years of the founding of the Passionist Congregation will be an International Congress entitled “The Wisdom of the Cross in a Plural World” [La sapienza della Croce in un mondo plurale]. It will be held in Rome from 21-24 September 2021.  Save the date!

Read more about the Passionist International Congress –

2021 Passionist International Congress