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28th November 1721

28 November, 2011

“Setting out, therefore, barefooted towards Leghorn, Paul embarked for Genoa where he had to remain a second time for quarantine because of some suspects of the plague. On disembarking, he made straight for his home and the first thing he did there was to cooperate in the clothing of his brother, John Baptist, in the holy habit which the latter so ardently desired. With a habit similar to the one that Paul had received the previous year, Monsignor Gattinara had the consolation of clothing John Baptist on 28th November 1721, the octave of the feast of the Presentation of Our Lady in the Temple; that habit John Baptist prized more than the richest brocade or royal purple.” [The Life of St. John Baptist of St. Michael the Archangel, p. 5]

Image – Venerable Fr. John Baptist of St. Michael the Archangel, brother of St. Paul of the Cross

Spiritual Animation of Passionist Life

9 November, 2011

Guide for the Spiritual Animation of Passionist Life: “The Common Regulations of 1775” by St. Paul of the Cross.

This study was originally presented during the second Institute of Passionist History and Spirituality for Italian and Spanish Speaking Passionists, held in Rome in July 1980 – Guide for the Spiritual Animation of Passionist Life

What it is and what it wants to do ….

9 November, 2011

St. Paul of the Cross wrote various accounts [Notizie] to make the┬áPassionists known in its reality and to present an objective picture of it, especially to those who could influence young people in their vocational orientation. Read the accounts of 1747 and 1768 – Accounts of the Congregation