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In the month of September

27 August, 2015


10th September – Anniversary of the death of Anna Maria Daneo, mother of St. Paul of the Cross and Ven. John Baptist

14th September – Anniversary of the foundation of Presentation Retreat, Monte Argentario (1737)

26th / 27th September – Anniversary of the vow to promote the memory of the Passion and to gather companions to do the same – made by St. Paul of the Cross in St. Mary Major’s Basilica Rome (1721)

Enter into the mystery of HIs Wounds

27 August, 2015

imagesIn his homily on Divine Mercy Sunday 2015, Pope Francis said that Jesus’ scars are full of mercy, and encouraged attendees to imitate the apostle Thomas in touching them and allowing their hearts to be converted.

“The Lord shows us, through the Gospel, his wounds. They are wounds of mercy. It is true: the wounds of Jesus are wounds of mercy.” Pope Francis.

Jesus, he said, “invites us to behold these wounds, to touch them as Thomas did, to heal our lack of belief. Above all, he invites us to enter into the mystery of these wounds, which is the mystery of his merciful love.”

From the Letters of St. Paul of the Cross

27 August, 2015

Don’t refuse the treatments when you are sick but with a smiling face accept them all in the loving chalice of Jesus. Be grateful to those who look after you when you are ill, accepting what they say you must take. In a word, be like a nice little babe who rests quite happily in the arms and bosom of its mother. Stay in bed as if you were on the cross. Jesus prayed for three hours on the cross; it was truly a crucified prayer, devoid of all consolation either from within or without. Pray to Jesus to impress it upon your heart.  (L.I, 154f)


A Retreat for Passionist Companions

25 August, 2015
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Passionists and the Holy Stairs in Rome

13 August, 2015